Hephzibah 62:4

Lifespring Church has been a long time supporter of the ministry of Hephzibah.  From the days of being a home for unwed mothers, to a foster care home we have felt compelled by the love of Jesus to continue in prayer and financial support of this vital ministry.  Due to changing administrations in the state of Georgia, resulting in policy changes in how they wanted to handle these vulnerable children, Hephzibah closed the home in Macon, GA and did a reboot.  Still having a heart for  the lives of vulnerable children, Hephzibah 62:4 was reformed and the home office is centered in Grand Rapids, MI.  In this brief interview, Executive Director Jodi Lewis shares her passion and the need for the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the lost and forgotten all around us!  Thank you Jodi, for your commitment to the “least of these” and your deep love for Jesus!

Watch HERE!


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