Wesleyan Mission of Haiti, March 2023

In November of 2018, Lifespring church was planning to send a team of 4 men to help with some work that was needed at the Wesleyan compound on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. Our plans were postponed due to turmoil caused by the political dissension going on at that time. We were told we could not get into the country, not only was it suggested for us not to come, but we were instructed to stay home and wait for things to settle down. We made another attempt almost a year later with the same team, and a third attempt was set for the spring of 2020. Of course that one was cancelled due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Since then, in July of 2021 President Moise was assassinated, and since then, all political officials have resigned. The police force is severely understaffed and under-equipped as anarchy is taking over the entire nation. Many have said that after the earthquake in 2010 they couldn’t imagine how it could be any worse. Sadly, now many are claiming it is actually getting worse even than that terrible time. In an earlier post, we shared of the great need sent to us to help the Haiti Mission that is still on the ground struggling to survive these hard times. Lifespring was able to send $6,000 dollars in quarters we collected in our quarter drive in November-December of last year. As we were made aware of the severity of the need we were able to send another $12,000 in funds to help! Again we say Thank You to the faithful generosity of the people here at Lifespring. The funds we sent ended up going to the Wesleyan University School of Nursing in Haiti, as that is the primary mission on the ground in Haiti. The following is a letter of thanks that I received from Dr. Janice Cotrone, the President and Dean of that university.

Dear Friends at Lifespring Wesleyan,

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for the $18,000 you have invested in the Wesleyan University School of Nursing in Haiti! My heart overflows with praise to the Lord for the tremendous offerings you have lavished upon us. Thank you!

The School of Nursing, located on the island of La Gonave, is 12 miles off the coast of mainland Haiti. The Country has become a hot-bed of gang violence resulting in many lives lost and communities destroyed. Some 200 gangs are virtually holding the country hostage. Global Partners does not permit any missionary presence in the country until the situation improves. Out on the island life is more peaceful, however, islanders depend on the mainland for food and supplies. Not being able to travel to the mainland is challenging. Hunger and need are rampant. The School of Nursing is a bright light in a bleak land. Our students are making a difference and the results are astounding. We currently hold the #1 spot with the Ministry of Health for the high pass rate of our graduates who take the difficult government RN exam.

Our faculty are primarily Haitian with the exception of our English professor who teaches online from South Carolina, our World History professor who teaches online from Indiana, and myself. Our faculty are heavily invested in our students and are providing a wonderful level of education. I am extremely proud of each of them.

This term I am teaching 2 classes. I have 24 sophomores and 12 Seniors. They are working hard and are committed to positively impacting the face of healthcare in their country. Most of them are extremely impoverished. Part of your funds are being used to provide scholarships for 4 students unable to pay much on their tuition. You will receive letters and pictures of these students. The balance is being used to purchase textbooks as well as nurse’s caps for our upcoming capping ceremony for the sophomores. I will send pictures and updates to you as often as possible.

I would be very happy to visit LifeSpring and share the work of the School of Nursing in person. Feel free to contact me if that is a possibility. From the bottom of my heart I thank all of you. God bless you as we all shine for Jesus in a world that desperately needs Him.

His for Haiti,
Janice Cotrone
President and Dean
Wesleyan University of Haiti, School of Nursing
La Gonave, Haiti

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